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 In this episode we talk with Mathew Sweezey an author and speaker who serves as a marketing insights leader at Salesforce. Mathew joined Salesforce via their acquisition of Pardot, a marketing automation service, where he was introduced to Agile through a close working relationship with the development team there.

In this session, he talks about how Agile is becoming the default operating system for marketing—though he acknowledges that many marketers are still not yet aware of an Agile Marketing movement. In fact, he shares that his own experience with Agile started before his team called it Agile.

Mathew is a content marketing expert to follow—he educates internal teams, clients and prospects about Agile marketing and marketing modernization. Enjoy! Also, in this sessions, Mathew mentions a film called Art&Copy that’s worth watching.


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  1. Mathew Sweezey

    Loved this conversation! Thanks again guys for having me on.