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¬†In this episode we’re expanding our horizons a bit by interviewing Marina Simonova about her work bringing the Agile approach to marketing and sales teams. Marina is a Moscow-based Agile Coach with Agile Space and has worked with more Agile sales teams than anyone else we’ve met. She’s a certified coach and Scrum Master who has found techniques for bridging the marketing / divide with Agile practices.
Marina’s recent article 10 Steps of Agile transformation of sales is a great primer on why Agile is a good fit for sales, how to get started, and what some of the most common challenges area. It fascinating to hear from a practitioner who is coming to Agile from the sales side first. In this conversation we discuss:

  • Why sales may be a more natural fit for Agile than marketing because of it’s focus on time-boxed iterations.
  • How Agile practice can help align marketing and sales
  • How combined sales and marketing teams are able to outperform traditional teams

Note, while Marina speaks English she chose to work with her colleague Julia Tegel who served as a translator for this episode.