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This episode features Jonathan Rasmusson whose website Agile in a Nutshell and book The Agile Samurai inspired me to start writing The Agile Marketer. He’s been working with Spotify for a couple of years but has also worked at a range of larger enterprises mostly in the product management and engineering functions. What’s unique about Jonathan is his commitment to sharing what he’s learned with the broader community … including those outside of product management.

In this conversation we hear from Jonathan about:

  • how Spotify leverages Agile and how their practice continues to evolve
  • where the current state of Agile adoption is in context of the larger adoption/maturity cycle
  • why Agile transformation is so hard—especially for established companies
  • how Agile is truly an empowerment model

During our conversation I brought up the Cynefin framework—here’s a great overview of this decision making framework.