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We talk with David Lesue who runs the creative group at WorkFront about how he uses WorkFront’s solution to support his team’s Agile practice. This is a continuation of our conversations with Agile software vendors—it’s a bit different than our past conversations, however, because David is more focused on using the solution than on developing or selling it.

David has worked as a graphic designer, UX designer, art director and creative director for over 17 years. At Workfront, he leads the creative services team (web, print, and video) as the Creative Director. Prior to Workfront, Dave held leadership roles at Omniture, RiSER Media, Brigham Young University, and Adobe. David’s background is focused on design so this conversation will be particularly relevant for marketers running creative teams or who are within the agency context. David touches on a range of topics including:

  • how Agile has helped his team more effectively manage the stream of incoming work requests
  • the importance of work estimation
  • why he’s chosen to focus on Scrum
  • how WorkFront integrates traditional workflows with Agile

Follow David’s latest on Twitter at @davidlesue and visit WorkFront for a set Agile resources. 

Finally, here’s a link to Stately Type the t-shirt company that David runs on the side. Sadly we didn’t have time to ask him about this business … next time!