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This episode we’re joined by Meghan Wilkinson a senior manager, strategy, program design and project effectiveness at Level3 Communications. There’s a lot going on with that title so let me break it down… Meghan found a passion for helping teams improve their performance during her tenure working on events, with sales, and in a customer success role. Like many marketers she discovered that Agile is a useful approach to addressing team performance and collaboration. Beyond that, she talks at length about how Agile has helped drive an enterprise transformation.

This conversation includes a case study on the work that Meghan has done bringing Agile to a large enterprise that has had as many as 17 Agile teams working in parallel in the marketing function. Listen in to learn about:

  • Why Agile leaders must have “fortitude” to drive transformation
  • How outside consultants have played a critical role in adoption
  • What makes for a successful pilot
  • Why she pulled back from 17 smaller Agile teams to 5 larger teams

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