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In this episode of The Marketing Agility Podcast we’re joined by Steve Wolfe of CA Technologies and Yuval Yeret of AgileSparks. Steve joined CA through their acquisition of Rally Software a company that’s been developing tooling for Agile projects for several years. Yuval and AgileSparks has been working with CA to implement an Agile practice on the marketing side of the house. 

Like our previous conversation with VistaPrint this is an example of a company that’s bringing in outside resources to help facilitate an Agile transformation. Steve and Yurat speak about:
  • Using Agile to manage what can feel like an overwhelming amount of incoming marketing requests
  • How they are developing an Agile implementation from the bottom up and top down.
  • How to implement Agile with highly distributed teams and in a silo’d context.
There are still not that many companies that are making a push for Agile both bottom up and top down. You can check out the CA Agile Blog and if you’re in Boston check out this upcoming meetup.