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In this episode we fired up the Wayback Machine and reviewed a podcast with one of the first guests on the show, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff. I (Roland) had the pleasure of working with Jascha at Involver back in the day, now he’s the CMO at a little internet company called Mozilla. Besides being an early adopter and advocate for Agile Marketing Jascha also wrote a wonderful book on Agile called Growing Up Fast, I highly recommend picking up a copy. It’ll look great on your shelf next to The Agile Marketer 🙂

In this episode we revisit some of the topics that from our earlier podcast including:

  • Is there more tolerance today for Agile experiments that fail—in the service of getting to success?
  • How has your approach to driving adoption internally evolved?
  • How are you tailoring your Agile method to different parts of your team?

Jascha is a very thoughtful guy that managed to make this episode both philosophically and pragmatically inspiring. Give it a listen … I think you’ll agree that we need to bring Jascha back before another five years goes by!