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In this episode Frank Days and Roland Smart speak with Scott Sweeney about his work at Kubotek—a CAD software company—where he’s applied Agile to demand oriented programs. This conversation should be particularly relevant for those with co-located, small marketing teams that work closely with sales.

Scott is a self-taught Scrum Master who speaks to how they’ve adapted their Agile to his company and culture. Beyond Americanizing the “scrum” as a “huddle”, he speak to how he’s integrated some practices from his management consulting days, such as Rockefeller Habits, into their method.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to adapt Agile to your company, team, project and culture
  • How Agile can support demand oriented programs
  • How long it takes to get to a stable practice from Sprint 0

Thanks for listening and we look forward to hearing your feedback.