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This week The Marketing Agility Podcast features a conversation with Staci Dubovik and David Grabel who are the lead Agile coaches at Vistaprint. We were very excited for this conversation because it presented a rare opportunity to speak with two Agile leaders whose exclusive focus is to scale Agile and to drive practice improvement.

Few companies have this level of executive buy-in, dedicated Agile coaches, and a real track record under their belts. In this conversation we take on:

  • How—and when—to leverage an external coaches to support adoption and scale
  • How simultaneous top-down and bottom-up coaching accelerates Agile adoption
  • How the role of the coach changes with implementation teams and executives
  • How long it really takes to get a team to a high-level of Agile capability

And there’s a lot more here, we could have kept talking for another hour or two!

Bonus: Here’s a slideshare with VistaPrint’s interpretation of the Agile Marketing Manifesto.