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Robert Corbin is a senior manager at EMC where he runs a marketing data science team. As with many data science professionals, he comes to his current role from a technical background and with an understanding of Agile.  During his tenure at EMC, he’s supported a lot of business transformation with the help of the EMC Big Data portfolio. He was also able to use these same Big Data technologies to assist with Marketing Analytics efforts.

He’ll tell us how he used agile techniques to drive business transformation at a big company, in a dynamic industry and how he is dealing with future uncertainties.

“Uncertainty” is the theme of this podcast, and we’ll be considering questions such as:

  • How does Agile help manage uncertainty?
  • How can marketing leadership embrace uncertainty?
  • How do different parts of the business adapt their approach in the face of varying degrees of uncertainty?
  • And, will Rob answer any questions about the EMC acquisition before the deal is sealed? (we promised not to get Rob in any hot water)

Data is at the heart of what makes the Agile approach work, so we hope you’ll take away some ideas about how to engage more effectively with the data scientists in your organization. If you don’t yet have a data science practice, we hope that Rob’s insights might help you get started.