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Peter Billante is a software product leader at Autodesk where he focuses on a range of products including the BIM 360 Field application. The focus of this conversation was on measuring one’s Agile practice—a critical topic for driving adopting and garnering executive support.

To set the stage Peter shared some background on his transition into a marketing role—from a more engineering oriented role. Overall his approach is more prescriptive than many of the marketers that we’ve spoken with though his team has evolved from Scrum to Kanban over time (Kanban being less prescriptive). Peter shares a bit about a failed attempt to implement Scrum and references the well known Chickens and Pigs story to highlight the challenges of implementing Agile across functional teams.

The conversation then moves on to Agile measurement and how he’s implemented measurement in the context of a team that he’s built from scratch. The conversation touches on:

  • Estimating stories, scope and business value
  • Measuring Average story/task scope
  • Measuring Work-In-Process (WIP) and setting WIP limits
  • Measuring Cycle-Time / Velocity

Have a listen and we look forward to your feedback. Reach out with questions and comments to @rsmartly and @tangyslice.