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Charlie Treadwell the Sr. Director of Digital at Symantec joins Frank Days and Roland Smart for this interview.  Charlie is one of those marketers who balances a creative background with an analytic mind (he has a BFA and an MBA)—so this conversation serves as a counterpoint to those we’ve had with technologists who have migrated into the marketing world. Charlie was introduced to Agile through his work at Cisco and shares a bit about how he’s evolved his practice over the years. What really comes across is the pragmatic nature of Charlie’s approach. 

This is Part I of a two part conversation with Charlie. We got so focused on the following questions that we simply ran out of time to dive into the case study that Charlie wanted to share:

  • What’s the best way to set up marketing epics?
  • Just how granular should user stories or tasks be?
  • How can marketers get better at estimation?
  • And, what are the pros and cons of virtual vs dedicated Agile teams?

In the coming weeks we’ll have Charlie back on the podcast to talk about an ambitious company wide roll out of Agile. Stay tuned that’s going to be a fun conversation. In the meantime, we’d love your feedback on the show!