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In this episode Frank Days and Roland Smart interview Jeff Julian , chief marketing officer for AJi Software, a digital agency based in Kansas City. Before co-founding AJi Jeff launched one of the largest blogging communities,—as the name of that site suggests Jeff comes to marketing from a technical background. Jeff has been helping companies become more Agile and has recently published a book entitled Agile Marketing: Building Endurance for Your Content Marketing Team. He’s also a fellow podcaster and host of The Midwest Marketing Podcast.

Our conversation with Jeff is part of a series of conversations that we’ve been having with Agile practitioners on the Agency side. We’ve found that agency (and consultancy) leaders can generally speak to their experience working working in a broader range of contexts. Our conversation certainly continues that trend and even surfaced an interesting new pricing model associated with agency engagements—pay per sprint.

For those content marketers listing to the podcast we also talk a bit about applying Agile to content marketing which is the subject of Jeff’s book.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the episode!