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In this episode Frank Days and Roland Smart interview Andrea Fryrear a content marketer and Agile Marketing evangelist at SurveyGizmo. Andrea has been practicing and writing about Agile for years and currently manages a small cross-functional content team for a company whose services are often used to obtain the feedback that is essential for Agile iteration. 

In this session we return to questions about:

  • What the user story looks like in the context of content marketing?
  • How do iterate on content—and prevent creating new content all the time?
  • How do you slice and dice content for a range of channels?
  • How should you think about content measurement?
  • And how do you set the balance between demand vs nurture content?

If you’re a content marketer exploring Agile this is a must listen. And if you want more about Agile from Andrea check out: The Agile Marketing Styles ebook for subscribers to MarketerGizmo