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In this episode Frank Days and Roland Smart interview Andy Kling, vice president and group director at Havas Edge, about his experience applying Agile in some surprising contexts. He started using Agile at Fidelity—where he proved to himself—and others—that it can work in highly regulated industries.

This conversation brought us into some new territory because most of the marketers that we bring on the podcast are on the brand side. Currently Andy’s work exposes him to a broad range of brands because Havas Edge is a direct response focused agency. And, he continues to work with companies in highly regulated industries (pharma, finance, etc)—where Agile has been proven as an effective approach to drive transformational change.

Andy share some great insights into how Agile can be applied in the context of direct response programs and within the context of an agency practice. Check out the episode, and if you enjoy it please consider writing us a review on iTunes. And, if you’re applying Agile on the agency side, we’d love to hear from you.