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In this episode Frank Days and Roland Smart interview Mike McKinnon, about his work at Avaya and previously at ReadyTalk. The conversation kicks off with a discussion of a case study from Roland’s forthcoming book The Agile Marketer that focuses on a Mike’s blend of Agile methods‚what he calls Scrumban.

From there Mike discusses how his experience at Ready Talk compares to working at Avaya. There’s also a brief discussion of a recent article from entitled: Mohanbir Sawhney: Why marketers are still struggling to adopt Agile. In this piece Sawhney, the McCormick Tribune Professor of Technology at the Kellogg School of Management, talks about the unique challenges of making Agile work within the enterprise. It’s a good backdrop for this conversation because of Mike’s move from a startup to a 12,000+ person company.

Mike shares tips on how to get started with Agile marketing, just how dogmatic to be when it comes to Agile, and how to work alongside waterfall projects.

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