Sean Zinsmeister, Nitro

Sean Zinsmeister of Nitro shares how Agile is essential to his fast-growing software business. With over 20 people on the marketing team, Sean also shares how they are scaling Agile with their business.

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  1. This was a great podcast. Nice insight and great to hear how other teams work. I’m moving to sprints and would love more information on how to plan for them and test afterward. We have our opinion but I’d love to hear from people, specifically resource-constrained teams, about how they manage to do it all with the same group of people.

    • Ryan,


      I agree. They are a pretty big team and have the luxury of splitting work among different groups with dedicated scrummaster.

      Personally, my team of three is doing Agile without any additional resources. The benefits of lower management overhead help (ie no interlock process and marketing plans:-). Add the fact that people are focused on the core priorities through a transparent process means less jumoping from fire to fire.

      I’d be glad to chat more if you want. It has been a while. Would love hear how things are at Novell.


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