Agile Marketing Webinar – Ektron

Tom Wentworth, VP of Web Solutions for Ektron discusses agile marketing and how their tools can help. The video contains plugs for their product but it still has some quality slides about agile marketing (see archived webinar…)


  1. Thanks for the link to my webinar, and I hope I minimized the amount of product plugs 🙂 I enjoy your podcast, keep up the great work.

    • It was a webinar. People expect a certain amount of commercial content so it isn’t a big deal. Clearly you were very thoughtful in your preparation and presentation. People appreciate that.

      Glad you like the podcast. It has been great so far and I’ve met a bunch of really smart people.

      Any suggestions for future topics or guests?

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  3. Tom, I am an Ektron customer and it would be nice to see the CMS in action doing all that you outlined in your webinar. Although we have been using your CMS for years, I feel that we are only scratching the surface of what the CMS software is capable of. A really nice follow-up to this webinar/video is to demonstrate how Ektron CMS is agile and how marketing types can start using the CMS to take the actions you outlined.

    • Tom,

      We’re interested in anyone who is practicing agile in marketing and will be excited when the marketing infrastructure vendors include the right agile features.

      Also, we’ll ping Tom and see where they are at.

      Thanks again for the comment and for listening.